Words Matter

A few weeks ago I was reading this article that I liked a lot and found it to be very informative from an organization I’ve been following now and then.
Sadly the one thing that the article kept repeating over and over again was “commit suicide.”
I went on to contact this organization and plead with them to stop using the word commit and instead use “death by suicide.” Why? Because the reason I created Break the Stigma was to educate people that words matter. Commit Suicide it’s a very old term used in the 1600s when suicide was a crime, as seeing by society and the church.
By my surprise I did get a response back from a person who answered by saying this;
“I can’t say that I agree and I had a daughter who committed suicide. I don’t think it’s the language creates the stigma.”
As Susan Abderholden- Executive Director for NAMI-MN says; “Words matter. Ask any author and anyone involved in a civil or human rights movement. The reason we try to not use the word “commit” is that it is not a crime. It’s not that they were committed to taking their life. It’s that they were in such pain and were so hopeless that they couldn’t get through the day.”

I want to include this article called Language about Suicide (Part 1): The Power of Words – Written by Stacey Freedenthal, PhD,

Click on the this link t read it: Words Matter