Video Link – “It Gets Better”

I received a message from Nick, from the beautiful province of Ontario, Canada.

He was kind enough to send me a link to the video titled “it gets better” – Please click on it, or cut and paste in order to watch it.

Also his friends are working on this amazing Project Cinderella Story (it can be found on Facebook under this name) it’s a project to turn everyone’s life around, away from bullying, mental illnesses, and to prevent suicide. They are a group of kids looking to making a difference, and THEY WILL! Darn Right!
Please like their page and help them build up a momentum.

I am very proud to see teenagers taking this kind of leadership and making such an important difference in the world. Let’s remind ourselves that this is a worldwide epidemic that can be cured only if we are willing to do so.

What’s stopping you from doing just that?