Thank you!

Words cannot do justice to the amount of appreciation and gratitude we have for everyone who has contributed to BSP. Whether it was in the form of a financial donation, buying a t-shirt, or simply sharing your story with us, YOU are the heart and soul of this project.

In May of this year I will be running across the great state of Minnesota. The purpose of the run is to raise awareness around the topic of mental health and mental illness. We want people to know that they are not alone and to help those who might be hiding in the shadows of depression or other mental illness to step out into the light. An important first step in breaking the stigma that persists around mental health and mental illness is awareness and education. Our journey will take us from small, rural communities to large, suburban areas; we will be making multiple stops along the way to engage with various sectors of the local community including schools and businesses. Our hope is that this run will be the first of many.

We need your help to pull this one off and to make it a success; in the coming weeks and months we will be working hard to promote the run and to finalize logistics including gear, lodging, etc. please consider supporting BSP through one of the following:

Mental illness is very real and requires treatment just as any physical illness does. In addition to supporting the run, your contributions will help those in financial need to access much-needed treatment and therapy. Thank you in advance for your support!