Running to Mental Health – Podcast

On March 20th, 2014, not even a month into Break the Stigma Project, I got a message from Dr. David Jones. A counselor and runner in Jackson, MS. His colleague and him had recently started a similar project to mine. Running to Mental Health on Facebook and It’s a site devoted to a discussion of the effect of running on all mental health issues.

They had also just started a podcast to go along with it. Dr. Jones asked me if I would like to work along with him on his project since we have such similar interests. And maybe we could work out an interview for his podcast sometime. Well that time is here now and the podcast interview is now available on ITunes under Running to Mental Health or by clicking on this link:

I’ve gotten to know David, we have exchanged a few e/mails and a phone call and now the interview and more discussions. I am very happy that David and I are on the same page about Mental Health Issues and the work that he is doing is just what we need to do in order to bring down the obstacles of the stigma that surrounds Mental Illness.

They have 4 podcasts now, and except for my interview, I really enjoyed the previous 3 and can’t wait to hear future ones!