Meet Chris Martin from Paragon Billing!

Chris MartinMeet Chris Martin.

Chris is the owner of Paragon Billing. Paragon Billing has been our biggest sponsor.
Chris believed in this project not even a month after it was launched. When people didn’t even know what BSP was.

Chris allowed Break the Stigma Project to be one of the sponsors at the Afton Trail Runs this month (July 5th). And we were also able to have our own Aid Station; we had so much fun there. I hope to do it someday again!

Chris also allowed us to create our own Break the Stigma running team, which will help to spread the word around. We were lucky to have three amazing people in our team, and runners as well. I hope we can continue to have them in our team!

Paragon Billing will be making a donation to NAMI MN on behalf of Break the Stigma Project.

To find someone who believes in this project and trusting me to do it without any questioning, it’s something hard to explain. I’m so very thankful, and I will always be grateful to Chris for his support.
Chris is very passionate about breaking the stigma as much as I am.

Thank you Chris!