How to help Break the Stigma Project?

There have been a lot of inquiries on how to help Break the Stigma Project.

So thank you for the interest! I will attempt to type this post without overwhelming everyone.

If you want to donate to our cause you have a few choices, you can donate directly to Break the Stigma Project website at – also you can choose to donate to NAMI-MN on our webpage. If want to donate to your local NAMI, please go to NAMI’s national page and find your local branch.

Amazon will now donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases when you shop at AmazonSmile Please visit and find out how:

You can also buy our merchandise at – we are working on tank tops for the Summer, stay tuned!

We have created an e/mail to help channel those questions/inquiries. Please e/mail us at: – As always we appreciate all the interest in helping this project!

** All donations to BSP are tax deductible – we are a nonprofit organization.

The biggest question is: How is the money going to be used?

We have partnered with Mental Health Resources Inc. –

(MHR) is a progressive, nonprofit organization that offers community- based mental health services to adults recovering from mental illness.

Some of the money will allow us to have our run across Minnesota and have some of the flyers, information that we are going to be handing out on the road- but, this is limited to us as our purpose is to raise money for those in need.