Break the Stigma Project turns 1 year old today 2/27/15!

The Break the Stigma Project is turning 1 year old today!
Like New Year’s Day – there are lots of reflections and evaluations when looking at the past year. For Break the Stigma Project – it is so amazing how far this project has come along. It is overwhelming at times to look at the community that is being created with old friends, new friends, and friends we have yet to meet. Here at BSP we are honored for all the continued support and energy everyone brings. As the run approaches ever so fast – we cannot help to get excited for the year to come and see how far we continue to go when we celebrate our 2nd birthday. This project started with an idea while running on the trails and now we all are a motivating force to speak about mental health concerns and no longer be behind the vail of stigma. We all matter no matter the diagnosis and we will continue to be an inclusive group.