What I am Thankful For

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It forces people together to realize how fortunate they are to have certain things in their lives that others may not. Don’t forget about those who may not. We’re really lucky here at Break the Stigma. I want to acknowledge this team we have right now. For the past year or so Julio and I have been holding each other up. Me making sure Julio’s doing okay, and Julio making sure I’m doing okay. We’re blessed to have each other. Throw Steve into that mix and we have a completely stable trio ready to take on the world. Whether it’s going to be through our podcast, volunteering, or running across a state, we’re thankful that we’re able to spread awareness towards mental health.

Me personally? I’m thankful for Arika, because without her I wouldn’t know any of you. I will never forget about her. I started running really long distances to get away from people that made me hate myself and through it met people that make me love myself. More on that in a future race report. I’m thankful for everybody who invites me to group runs and stuff like that because I’m too shy to ask first. I’m thankful for Julio and Steve, for keeping me entertained and part of a team. I’m thankful for the fact that I get to struggle through school for the next four years. I cannot wait until I get paid to have that feeling of helping people that I absolutely love. I’m going to buy a BMW M3 and a husky. Hopefully I’ll be living alone in some house and still doing me. Maybe working on my rap career too.

Here’s to celebrating our past and facing the future head on.

-Kevin Chem A.K.A Young Grandpa/Cheminem/Chevin


The Hixon 50K

The Hixon 50K