Announcing our new partner, Sage Running!

We are very humbled and honored to announce our new partnership with Sage Running, featuring training advice from Break the Stigma ambassador Sage Canaday and Sandi Nypaver.

Be sure to check out the training plans. I used the beginner/intermediate plan to prepare myself for the Superior 50-mile last year and couldn’t be happier with the results. I am now using the advanced version of the same plan with the 100-mile preparation option to train for Zumbro 100. I might struggle to hit the lower end of the mileage, but at least there is a range! That’s what is so great about these plans. They are designed to be tweaked according to your own needs and abilities. I always feel more comfortable knowing that I don’t have to hit a specific number. It allows me to relax a little when training for a big race.

Sage and Sandi offer coaching services too, so head on over to and check them out!