Fifty – The Movie

Do you like to be inspired?

Do you love to see good people doing great things?

Imagine doing 50 MARATHONS | 50 PEAKS | 50 DAYS?

But this is not what’s the most impressive part of it.

This feat was accomplished by my friend and true inspirational person, Malcolm Law.

I myself know the effort that takes to run over 240 miles during during 7 straight days, which it is an average of 34 Miles per day in all type of weather conditions. Mal, did it for 50 straight days, climbing!

But, the real inspiration behind all of this is that Mal, Sally (his wife) and a tremendous team of people got not just a whole nation talking about Mental Health Awareness, but around the globe as well! While raising over $500.000.

As our own team is approaching to the date to start running 300 miles across WI and I personally will be covering 400 miles in just 2 weeks, all for Mental Health Awareness.

Watching this movie/documentary has become a motivator and major inspiration for me, I have also asked my team to consider watching this movie prior to the run and I believe that I will have the most inspired people ready to kick some ass-phalt across the beautiful State of Wisconsin.

PLEASE, PLEASE consider buying this movie and support a true hero, who is dedicating his passion for the outdoors to bring so much needed awareness to Mental Health.

I have my own copy- Believe me we spend more money on awful movies in the theaters – this one will feed your soul!