In Memoriam

We at Break the Stigma project want to start a new section and photo album called β€œIn Memoriam.”

In the last 2 years I personally have read every statistic and number when it comes to suicide.

But how often do we get to see the faces and stories of those loved ones whom have gone before us?

This section will be exclusively dedicated to honor those amazing people who touched our lives in so many ways.

If you would like to share a loved one – please send us a photo and a short story to We will be adding a new tab to our website to share these images and stories.

We want to bring even more awareness by touching your live, while giving you hopes.

Hello Everyone! Exciting News

Break the Stigma Project will be running across Wisconsin from May 7th through May 14th, 2016.

We are still working on a route. But, I can tell you that it will depart from Algoma, WI and will move West towards Hudson, WI.

We are very excited about this new run and we can’t wait to be on the road again breaking some mental illness/mental health stigma.

Stay tuned!