When the idea of creating Break the Stigma Project came up in the summer of 2013.

I had no idea that it was going to touch so many of you across the country and in some places around the world. I really thought that it was going to be a local thing, within Minnesota. A one-time deal, besides who has the time to create an ongoing project?

The response has been overwhelming! The shirts are now close to 400 sold out there, and all over the country and Canada.

The project has grown to have a great Board of Directors, non-profit, tax-exempt statuses, with a great desire to help break the stigma and open up the conversation.

The Board of Directors and my poor friends had to put up with me for a while now.

So, I am sorry kiddos, it will get better. I love your support to BSP.

So many people to thank; John Storkamp, Lisa Langton, Alex, Megan, Mel, Faye, Beth, Lisa, Sam, my own family, my kids have been incredibly supporters of me and the project, they don’t stop talking about it, wherever they go. Too many to mention, all of YOU, every one of YOU!

Break the Stigma was created with the idea of educating and of inspiring others to create their own journey. I want people to learn from this project and take off with their own ones. Believe me, it is worth the sleepless nights, the long hours researching and networking. I will be here for anyone who may want to start their own project; I will share everything that I have learned with you.

In order to break the stigma we need to work together and not alone.

I encourage you create and enjoy your own journeys! And along the way you don’t know whom you’ll be helping, including yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Melbourne, Australia, Cleveland, Ohio, or Buenos Aires, Argentina; we can all do something to start breaking the stigma that surrounds Mental Health.

Break the Stigma Project is Officially Tax Exempt!

Yesterday we at Break the Stigma Project received great news from the IRS, we are officially a 503 (c) (3) – Public Charity Status!

Donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170.

If you would like to support The Break the Stigma Project, we would be very grateful for your help.

Please mail to:

Break the Stigma Project.

2001 Wentworth Ave. So. St. Paul MN 55075

Thank you!